Profile - Education

Students in Lundar and the R.M. of Coldwell attend the Lundar Collegiate. The Lundar Collegiate is part of the Lakeshore School Division.

For information regarding the Division please contact:
Amber Monk - Secretary
Lakeshore School Division
Phone: 739-2101

Vocational Programs are available through the Collegiate in carpentry and automotive. University Entrance level programs are also available as well as business education programs. Adult Education classes are also available in a wide range of subjects every fall.

The closest universities and technical schools are located in Winnipeg which is 100 km southeast of Lundar. Offering University courses via interactive Learn Linc for the citizens of the West Interlake. Take courses for interest or begin working on a degree from University of Manitoba, Brandon University or University of Winnipeg. For further information call Michael at 204-739-2141 (home 204-278-3303) or Andrea at 204-739-2140.

Child Care services are available from the Lundar Day Care Centre. 204-762-5278

On July 11, 1998, the Pauline Johnson Library, situated on main street in Lundar, had its grand opening. The library was named after a 103 year old retired teacher to show recognition for all her contributions to teaching the youth.

The library is 2,400 square feet with a boardroom, small kitchen and two offices. It houses books, videos, reference material and magazines. Library cards are free to all the R. M. of Coldwell residents and one year memberships for anyone living outside the R. M. of Coldwell for $25.

The Library offers "FREE INTERNET ACCESS".
Phone: 204-762-5367