Profile - Health Care

Community Health Care in the community of Lundar and the Rural Municipality of Coldwell is provided by the Provincial Department of Health. These services consist of:

  • 1 Public Health Nurse
  • 1 Home Care Resource Co-ordinator - who co-ordinates the activities of  Home Care Attendants - with access to Occupational Therapist and Psychogeriatric team services.
Mental health is Serviced By:
  • 1 Mental Health Worker for adults, and 1 child and adolescent Mental Health Worker - who utilize the services of numerous mental health resources in Winnipeg and the Interlake. This team includes a Mobile Crisis Unit and a Crisis Stabilization Unit. All appointments booked through Central Intake Selkirk at - 1-866-757-6205 for Adults, Child Adolescent and Mental Health Services for Elderly.

  • 2 Child and Family Service social workers;
  • 1 Vocational Rehabilitation/Children's Special Services/Community Living (services for persons who are mentally challenged) social worker; 
Health service is provided to the Northwest Interlake - primarily from St. Laurent to Gypsumville - including all communities along PTH #6 and west of Lake Manitoba.

Health Care in the Coldwell region is administered by the Interlake Regional Health Authority.

The E.M. Crowe Memorial Hospital (20 km north of Lundar) offers complete medical care to the community of Lundar. This is a 13 bed facility, with a 20 bed personal care home attached. A Medical Clinic in Lundar provides routine care and has a resident doctor. A dental clinic provides full service to the community. Lundar is also home to a 23 unit Senior Citizens Lodge and a 20 unit Personal Care Home.

A Medical clinic in Lundar provides routine care and has a resident doctor.