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Location and Names of Cemeteries in the R.M. of Coldwell
Vestfold Cemetery (Hove) - SE 24-18-3W
Markland Icelandic Pioneer Cemetery - NW 14-19-3W (Corner)
Stony Hill Otto Church and Cemetery - SE 1-20-4W
Otto Icelandic Pioneer Cemetery - SW 28-19-3W
Brekka Cemetery - SE 34-19-4W
Gamli Grafreiturim fyrir sunnan Lundarko - NW 36-19-5W
Lundar Municipal Cemetery - SW 12-20-5W
St. Cuthbert's Anglican Church - NE 33-20-6W
Lily Bay (Union) United Church Cemetery - SE 21-20-6W
Abbeville St. Augustin's Cemetery - NW 32-20-4W
Lillisve Cemetery - NE 24-20-3W
Minewakin Cemetery - SE 12-20-6W
St. James Anglican Church Cemetery - SW 3-19-4W
Clarkleigh North - SW 8-19-4W
Notre Dame Cemetery - SW 18-18-4W
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