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RM of Coldwell
Lundar, Manitoba  Box 90, R0C 1Y0
Phone: (204) 762-5421
Fax: (204) 762-5177

Government - Municipal Services

The Rural municipality of Coldwell is host to a range of services to meet your every need. Everything to fire, protection and health services are located within a short distance.

A brief description of some local services can be found below:

Coldwell Fire Department is a large, well equipped volunteer fire department with 19 volunteer fire fighters.

Police: Lundar RCMP Detachment is staffed by one sergeant and five constables.

Ambulance: Service provided in Lundar and the surrounding area by East Shore Ambulance. Advanced Life Support capabilities are also offered.
Refuse: Weekly/Biweekly pickup for in town/rural. Please contact the RM office (762-5421) for schedule and conditions.


Hydro / Electric:
Manitoba Hydro provides full service to the Coldwell region. This and geothermal are the primary means of  heating in the region although wood has always been a popular supplementary source.

Natural Gas/Propane:
Natural Gas is not yet available in this part of the Interlake. Propane is available in bulk and is used by a number of high energy consumers.

Fuel / Heating Oil:
Fuel is available at the three gas bars in the community. Bulk fuel is available from Teulon, Stonewall and Ashern.

Sewer System
Lundar utilizes a Community sewer system while rural residents use private septic tanks or fields for sewage disposal.

Municipal waste Collection is provided door to door weekly or bi-weekly as scheduled.


Coldwell Eriksdale Waste Disposal Grounds


Find our group on Facebook under C.E.W.D.G.
Curbside Garbage & Recycling Guidelines

Town (Lundar & Eriksdale) Garbage & Recycling Curbside Pick-up

  • Weekly Tuesdays, have bags/bins curbside by 8:00 am

  • 2 bags of household garbage, not to exceed 40 lbs coloured bags

  • 1 bag of CLEAN recycling (no limit) blue or clear bag

  • Due to inclement weather& unforeseen circumstances garbage will be collected the following day, unless otherwise posted.

    Rural (Lundar & Eriksdale) Garbage & Recycling Curbside Pick-up

  • Bi -weekly have bags/bins within 20 feet of roadway surface edge by 8:00 am

  • Eriksdale bi-weekly Thursday – 

  • Lundar bi-weekly Lundar East Thursday –  Lundar West Friday

  • 4 bags of household garbage, not to exceed 40 lbs coloured bags

  • 2 bags of CLEAN recycling (no limit) blue or clear bag

  • Due to inclement weather & unforeseen circumstances pick-up will be on the following bi-weekly schedule. Double the amount is allowed.

    ñ Ensure all bins are in safe handling condition & clean

    ñ Broken bags are owner’s responsibility

    ñ All bags must be tied                                                                                     ñ Recycling must be CLEAN, workers handle this product.

           Containers should be drained & rinsed.

    ñ Separate glass place in separate bag or box.


Recycling Guide Acceptable Items in Recycling Bags

Newspaper, flyers, magazines, catalogues, paper directories, wrapping paper with no foil or cellophane

Aluminum food & beverage containers (pop cans)

Steel food & beverage containers (soup, bean, vegetable cans)

   Gable top containers (milk & cream cartons) Aseptic packaging (juice boxes)

   Corrugated cardboard, Boxboard (cereal boxes, etc)

   Plastic Containers # 1,2,4,5,7 milk jugs, water& pop bottles ...


              Look for the triangle with the above # in or near it on plastic.








                  Unacceptable items in Recycling

                      Bags for curbside pick-up

Aluminum foil, foil pie plates, foil food containers, foam
packaging, paper towel, tissue, plastic bags, wax or foil
coated paper i.e.(foil wrapping paper, gift bags, bows,
pet food bags), broken glass, dishes, Plastic # 3,6,9,
soiled food boxes (greasy pizza boxes),

Electronics & batteries – collected at site