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Government - Residential Lot Incentive Program

Is your retirement fund smaller than you’d like it to be?  
Would you like to get up to $5000 for building your home in our beautiful community?
Have the retirement you deserve by freeing up the equity in your current home -  have more to spend on you!
Lundar has much to offer- low taxes and lots of amenities, including: Golf Course, gorgeous sandy beaches, Junior Olympic Pool, Hiking trails, Bird-watching, New Horizons Social Club, Handi-Van, Meals on Wheels, Old Time Dances, Senior Resource Council and services, resident Physician and Medical Clinic, Pharmacy, Ambulance service, Victoria Lifeline, Public Library, free grocery delivery in town- we are also only 15 minutes from the Regional Hospital. Let us show you that Lundar is a great place to visit and an even better place to live. We invite you to take a virtual look around our community through this website. 
                                   We welcome you today, tomorrow and always!
Lot rebates available upon successful application to and approval by, R.M. of Coldwell Community Development Corporation.

Criteria for rebates are:
  • That a residential dwelling unit be built or moved onto the lot within 2 years from the date of purchase of the lot.
  • That the dwelling unit be built to all applicable building codes and standards.
  • That the lot be situated in the RM of Coldwell along a currently serviced road.
  • All taxes and service levies must be current on the lot prior to application.

The rebate will be the cost of purchase of the lot, to a maximum of $5000.00 per lot.

Lots purchased after January 1, 2012 are eligible for the incentive 
  • Please note: Applications for residential dwelling units being moved from one property to another within the RM of Coldwell will be considered on a case by case basis by the Board. The CDC Board reserves the right to deny any application if they deem it ineligible. Please inquire before commencing your project. 

R.M. of Coldwell Community Development Corporation
Residential Lot Incentive Policy Rebate
Required documents
  • Date of purchase with proof of payment
  • Cost of lot
  • Legal Land description
  • On an existing serviced road
  • Dwelling to be in place within 2 years of property purchase
  • A delegate of the CDC may go to inspect the property
  • Certified true copy of correspondence from the lawyer showing completed sale
  • Applicant is to allow the Municipal sign (Successful Residential Lot Rebate Recipient) to be on their property until the next successful applicant.


Please attach all required documentation to this form and return it to the R.M. of Coldwell Municipal office.
Congratulations and thank you on behalf of the Board of the R.M. of Coldwell Community Development Corporation
**If you have any questions please call us at (204) 762-5421 or email us at: **
We would also like to ask that you please let us know how you found out about our Residential Lot Incentive Policy by e-mailing the above address. Thank you in advance for your feedback!