Profile - Our History - R.M. of Coldwell Century Farms

The Manitoba Historical Society (Incorporated 1879) recognizes those pioneers whose descendants have continued on the land for one hundred years or more and we are very pleased to have 7 such farms in our Municipality.

Homestead entry for SW 35-19-5W1902
Bjorn & Bjorg Bjornsson
Magnus & Kathleen Bjornsson
Alan Bjornsson
Thorvaldur (Valdi) Bjornsson
David Bjornsson & Darlene Skibinski

Homestead entry for NE 31-19-5W1900
Jon & Sigridur Erickson
Beggi & Alla Erickson
Bergsveinn & Louise Erickson
Louise Erickson & Wanda Erickson-Brandson


Homestead entry for SE 24-18-3W1894
Sigurdur (Sam) & Gudrun Eyolfson
Sigurdur (Sam) & Kristine Anna Eyolfson
Allan Eyolfson
Lawrence & Lillian Eyolfson
Gerald & Christine Tom

Homestead entry for SE 6-20-5WMay 1897
Eirikur & Jorunn Hallson
J. Robert & Helga Hallson
Harold & Valerie Hallson

Homestead entry for NE 6-20-3W May 1906
Sigurdur D. & Sigridur Holm
Gustaf B. & Grace V. Holm
Lloyd B.Holm  & Monique S. Holm

NORDAL  (Farm)
Homestead entry for NE 20-19-5W 1896
Hallgrimur Olafson
Bjani & Agust Nordal
Marino Nordal

Homestead entry for SW 32-19-5W 1900
John & Bjorg Sigurdson
Halldor (Dori) & Inga Sigurdson
Garnet Sigurdson