Profile - Major Industries

Fishing Industry:
The local fishing industry is very active during the winter months. Commercial fishing on Lake Manitoba remains a major source of income for some residents.

The Lundar Fisheries Co-op was formed by local fishermen to act as a regional marketing agent for the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation. During the winter months the fishermen bring their catch to the Co-op where it is packed and sent into Winnipeg for processing.

Lundar Farmers Market Co-op:
In operation since 1989, the Lundar Farmers' Market continues to draw large crowds of local residents, cottagers, and tourists. Operating under the Farmers' Market Co-op of Manitoba, the Lundar Farmers Market boasts over a dozen vendors, from near and far, including Winnipeg, St. Laurent, Arborg and Faulkner.

Each vendor must arrive 1 hour before the market opens with their own table and a $10 fee is charged for insurance and advertising costs. The Market begins the 3rd week in July to the 2nd week in September from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. every Tuesday and Friday and is located at the Farmers Market shelter on Daisy Lane behind the Goose. Top quality farm fresh vegetables, baking, candy, and local crafts are available. Contact Wendy 204-762-5525 or Sandra 204-762-5883

East Meadows Ranch:
Located southwest of Lundar, the ranch is over 12 square miles of privately owned Canada goose sanctuary. The sanctuary started off with 12 birds in the early 50's and it now sees upward of 10,000 birds every year, including 3 to 5 thousand goslings. The geese arrive in March and leave in November.

Lawrence King, photographer and videographer, has looked after the area full-time since 1947. He was initially hired as a hunting guide and was kept on to feed and care for the geese. Lawrence was an avid hunter; 7 years ago he turned in his gun for a camera. King’s photos were used as colour studies for Lundar’s hand painted Canada goose statue.
East Meadows Ranch is an integral part of the Marshy Point Goose Refuge.
Lundar Beef Cattle Show & Sale
The Annual event is held the third week of April.