Government - RM of Coldwell Election

Election 2018

In October the eligible Voters for the Rural Municipality of Coldwell will elect their Municipal candidates

These people have a big impact on all of us … as an example here are the general responsibilities of municipal government:

  • water
  • sewage
  • waste collection
  • land use planning
  • libraries
  • emergency services
  • animal control
  • Economic development
So if you have an opinion about any of these services, economic development in your area, waste collection or how your municipality is handling your tax dollar … then you need to vote. If you don’t like what is happening in your municipality then vote for change. If you think your elected representatives are doing a GREAT job you still need to vote, because someone else might not like what they are doing and vote them out!

Some people think that their voices will not be heard, but all it takes is one voice to change…

Understand the issues in your municipality.

Understand what thecandidates offer.

Did you know?

If not enough candidates run to fill the seats those that do run will automatically be acclaimed, and there will be NO election.

If not enough people run, current council can appoint any qualified member to seat.

Serving as an elected official requires commitment and dedication. You will be part of a team that will represent your community and chart a course for the future. Before deciding to run, you might want to attend a council meeting or talk to a municipal council member about their experience. There are a few things to expect if elected:

  • Term of Office:

As a member of council, you will serve a four-year term to 2022. Officially your term begins at noon, October 25, 2018. You must take an oath of office before you can undertake any duties as a member of council.

  • Time Commitment:

Council hold regular meetings on the Second Tuesday of every month, however, you will also be required to attend special meetings, committee and board meetings, and various public meetings and functions. Most of these meetings will occur in the evenings.

  • Duties:

As a council member you will be part of a team that will develop and evaluate policies and programs for the municipality. You will ensure that services are delivered to residents and property owners in the most efficient way possible.

Registration Deadline for Reeves & Councilors September 18.

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