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May 9 Garbage pick up Notice

Posted: 5/12/2020


Coldwell Eriksdale Waste Disposal Grounds

Contractor (204)-280-6003                                                                                                  Admin (204) 739-8050

                                                                           Site (204) 739-2808


May 9, 2020                    Notice in Response to Covid- 19


Garbage & Recycling Collection

 *Regular Schedules – no change due to Covid-19


Revised garbage limits until May 31st, 2020

3 (Three) bags of garbage per week and must be accompanied by clean recycling (this is to allow for extra waste being generated at home during covid-19). Regular limits will return and notice will be posted.


Please have bags out by 8 am

Bags must be tied (no open bags), no ripped or damaged bags, no loose items Maximum weight 30 lbs per bag 

Cardboard must be broke down and tied or secured in a box or bag


Town: Lundar & Eriksdale - Tuesdays

Rural: next pick-ups in case you lost track

Lundar Rural East - Thursday, May 14

Lundar Rural West - Friday, May 15

Eriksdale Rural - Thursday, May 21


Thank you for your understanding at this time.

 We encourage you to continue recycling and composting at home to help reduce our curbside waste. Join our Facebook Group for info. 

Our Facebook group is C.E.W.D.G.

Notices are also posted on RM websites