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CEWG Site Guidelines & Rates

Posted: 6/25/2020


Coldwell Eriksdale Waste Disposal Grounds


Find our group on Facebook under C.E.W.D.G.

CEWDG Site Guidelines

Hours of Operation

·        Tuesday – Friday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

·        Saturday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

·        Sunday & Monday – Closed 


Attendant will assess your load and direct you to the appropriate area. Please ask attendant if you are unsure where an item goes.


Tipping Fees Landfill Waste Active Cell (effective 2018)


Unit Fee

1 standard size garbage bag


½ ton truck or 1 axel utility trailer

$15.00 per load or part thereof

1 ton truck or 2 axel utility trailer

$30.00 per load or part thereof

3 ton truck

$90.00 per load or part thereof

Tandem Truck

$150.00 per load or part thereof


$300.00 per load or part thereof

Oversized load with sides

50% surcharge on unit fee

Any waste deposited in the active cell is subject to tipping fees

Payment Options are: debit/credit card, cash and cheque to C.E.W.D.G.

There are no tipping fees for recycling only loads of the items listed on the next page. (i.e. you have a stove, used oil, 4 tires & bagged leaves on a load – no charge)

 Waste to go in the active cell on the same load as the recycling, you will be subject to tipping fees. (i.e. you have a stove on your load as well as 10 bags of garbage for active cell you are charged tipping fees)

Loads MUST be sorted & secured! The transporter is responsible for the cleanup of any litter and for the collection and disposal of any materials which have fallen from a transport vehicle.

Recycling & Waste Diversion drop off stations

The CEWDG is a member of many recycling stewardship programs in Manitoba & Canada, please help us do our part and recycle what you have. We receive funding from some programs and that helps us improve the site and offer more to our citizens. Thank you to everyone who supports our initiatives.  Links to stewardship websites we are affiliated with are listed beside each type. Please take the time to visit the sites to learn more about a specific program.

If you would like a newsletter emailed for the links to work send request to

·         Appliance – with Freon (i.e. refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner)

Notify attendant, these need to be placed in the white goods area to have the Freon removed by a licenced technician.

·         Appliance – no Freon (i.e. stoves, dryers, washing machines to scrap metal)

·         Batteries – automotive (i.e. car, truck, tractor batteries)

·         Batteries – household (i.e. AAA, C, D, 9V, rechargeable, battery packs from power tools) place in plastic bag or container and give to attendant

·         Clean Farms - plastic silage wrap, plastic twine & plastic spray jugs

Visit the site or RM office for a collection bags and guidelines.

·         Electronics – (i.e. t.v., telephone, computers, DVD player, printers, microwave) many items are accepted ask attendant if you are not sure.

·         Household Recycling – (i.e. milk jugs, pop bottles, soup cans, juice boxes, pop cans, paper) Place in blue or clear bag and give to attendant.

·         Household Hazardous Waste – (i.e. paint, non-refillable camping cylinders, corrosives, toxics, fluorescent bulbs) All items must be in original container. Only household products, no commercial or agricultural accepted. Please visit the website for important information.

·         Scrap Metal – (i.e. stoves, dryers, washing machines, any item made mostly of metal)

·         Tires – any whole automotive or OTR (off road tires tire), regardless of age or condition. We now accept tires on rims. (Tire pieces, tubes etc… placed in separate pile)

·         Used Oil, filters &containers, Used Antifreeze & containers, DEF Containers. Free Oil Promo is always on while supplies last, bring in your used oil and receive free oil in return. Restrictions apply. See attendant.

·         Yard Waste – (bagged leaves & grass clippings, tree branches) NO black or green bags, we have to see it is yard waste. Use paper, orange, clear or blue bags.