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Notice of Public Hearing

Posted: 6/7/2022

UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF THE PLANNING ACT NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING On the date and at the time and location shown below, a PUBLIC HEARING will be held to receive representations from any persons who wish to make them in respect to the following matter: APPLICATION FOR CONDITIONAL USE under the RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF: COLDWELL HEARING LOCATION: RM of Coldwell Municipal Office, 35 Main St., Lundar, Manitoba DATE & TIME: July 8, 2022 @ 10:30 am APPLICATION: CUC-01-22 OWNERS/APPLICANT: MIGUEL FOUILLARD/RM OF COLDWELL PROPOSAL: “MOBILE HOME” AREA AFFECTED: #28, Third Ave N, Lot 56, Plan 647, Lundar, Mb FOR INFORMATION CONTACT: Cherie Millar Office Administrator Western Interlake Planning District St. Laurent, Manitoba R0C 2S0 646-2615 A copy of the above proposal and supporting material may be inspected at the location noted above during normal office hours, Monday to Friday. Copies may be made and extracts taken there from, upon request.